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A direct quote from NAR:

  • Owners who sold their home themselves (FSBOs) found setting the right price to be the most difficult part of the process (23%).

        Sales volume in recent months is picking up significantly, see our home page or blog. For Sale by Owner properties are flourishing again. One year ago, they were non existent. We can help you set the value of your asking price and help in your negotiations.


        You have surely been reading how many contracts are falling through due to low appraisals. This is due to the fact lenders, thanks to govenement regulations, are choosing the appraiser and placing extreme fee pressure on the appraisers. It is typically the less experienced appraiser getting the appraisal order from the lender. All the appraisers tell me the same thing, they will get what they pay for, low fee, low appraisal. The first comps that fit the lenders requirements. It takes time to sort through all the sales in MLS and make a determination of the property if it is selling arms length and not under distress.


        Whether you are selling a home or buying a home, nothing is more important than knowing what the properties value is and if there are any underlying problems in the neighborhood. We can provide a consultation of your options. If you get a low ball appraisal back from the bank, you will be able to immediately present our appraisal to counter theirs. Lenders will not discuss values with you unless you can present to them supporting comparable sales and listings.

        As most homes will have a mortgage, we can assist you in the federal mandated guidelines to make sure value is supported that can hold up against the most stringent Underwriting guidelines. If you have a value disagreement, we can review and analyze the appraisal for any discrepancies.  We see many appraisals with erroneous comparables and have been able to turn the offer in to a sale. 


    So if you are selling your home and want to know, "how much is my home worth?", get a real estate appraisal, call us and order a Certified Appraisal for only $375.00 for most homes and as little as $150.00 in many neighborhoods. With over 25 years experience, we know the market!!!

    We will work with you through the listing and offer/contract phase!

    Please don't wait until the day you receive an offer to decide to order an appraisal! Know going in to the listing what your various options are and where you stand, and then when you negotiate an offer give us a call to go over changes in current competitive listings!


    Based on experience, we find public records incorrect when it comes to stating total gross living area. Over 90% of the time they are below actual living area. We offer a measuring service so you can advertise actual square footage without liability on your part. We are offering this home measuring service at only $100.00.

    In addition, you will receive valuable information on possible defects that FHA and FNMA will require to be rectified prior to closing.


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